Sam the Skunkman

David Watson, commonly known as Sam the Skunkman is a controversial figure in the Cannabis world. It is claimed he was the first to bring Skunk #1, Original Haze and other strains to the Netherlands in the 80s. He was a friend of the Haze Brothers. He also had friends involved with the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. [1] [2]

Founder of Hortapharm, a Netherlands-based company, along with Robert Clarke. [7] [8] Hortapharm was the first to be granted a license to grow Cannabis for pharmaceutical research. They have collaborated with GW Pharmaceuticals, a UK-based company. [9]


“In the 1980's I offered a $10 instruction sheet in High Times to extract resin from buds using just cold water and a jar.” [1]

“I never worked on any variety with Neville, he sold my varieties, then used them to make his own.” [3]

“I showed Neville his first Original Haze, he had never seen it before, he told me so, it was in 84.” [4]

“I mean Neville sold all my varieties to Sinsi Seeds when he closed the Seed Bank, for big $ and then I told Ben they were never Neville's to sell in the first place and I had spent years developing them.” [5]

“Skunk #1 and Original Haze were famous for a decade or more before Neville ever even thought of selling seeds, wise up. Neville did ship to anyone across internetional borders, something I told him was stupid and would put him in jail. Who was right? When I met Neville he had zero good seeds, he was selling imported Mex seeds and Colombian seeds and African seeds from coffee shop weed for $.25 cents each. They were crap. I gave him Skunk #1 and a few others and he repaid me a few years later by copying my varieties and selling them himself cutting me out, after promising he would not.” [6]


  • Skunkman
  • Sam the Skunkman
  • Magic Sam
  • Sadhu Sam
  • Sam Selezny
  • Ed Selezny



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